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Bergssprickor / Mountain Cracks
Exhibition at Scenkonst Gerlesborg. (2022)

Ikat weave, linen thread dyed in brich leaf, madder and natural indigo, woven with copper thread. 

This work is part of the project Flux Studios/Bergväggen - an interdisciplinary project between art, crafts and performing arts. The project included an artist-in-residence program in Gerlesborg, an exhibition and a public seminar. During the spring of 2022, a group of 8 material based artists, crafts people, architects met at the Scenkonst Gerlesborg.  Through exercises, workshops and conversations, the group explored their sensitivity and methods of listening to other bodies and materials. The spring residency result in a site-specific exhibition along a rock wall in Gerlesborg (26 juni-22 october) and a public seminar in the autumn.


The Project is a collaboration between Konstfrämjandet Fyrbodal and Scenkonst Gerlesborg. 

Photos: Frej Hedenberg

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